To My Childhood Best Friend

*My best friend got married 8.18.17  & I got a bit emotional about the whole thing*

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Long gone are the days spent by the pool, trying to touch the bottom. Selling lemonade on the sidewalk and climbing trees after lunch. Making taffy from marshmallows instead of roasting them, and playing pretend in the secret hideaway.


A lot has changed since then, you moved away and we started seeing each other less. We’ve graduated high school, and college. You moved out of state..twice! While I just moved out of town.


Even though we may not talk as much, or catch up as often as I’d probably like, I hope you know that I will always be rooting for you. No matter how far away you are. Sometimes random memories creep up and I think about you. Like when we cut each others hair in preschool (sorry mom).

You are such an amazing person, and I hope you never forget late night sleepovers, going to the apple orchard or being mistaken as twins at sunday school and camp. I miss you, and can’t believe you just got married…or that we’re actually adulting…sos I’m not ready.


(p.s you had a bandana on first and I thought it was so cool so I changed my outfit)


I can’t wait to see where your life journey takes you. And how you and your new husband live out all of your dreams together.


We’ll always be neighbors. (& twins)


And best friends since literally the beginning.



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  1. Aww this was really cute, very beautifully written. I could feel your emotions. I wish your friend a happy married life and I pray you both remain friends for life. You cut each other’s hair in pre-school? LOL ! xx
    Coco Bella Blog


    1. This is the best comment, thank you so much 🙂 I’ll make sure she sees your message! & yes we did! Somehow we snuck into the bathroom and just snipped a bit off! haha


  2. Julie Brzezinski says:

    Kenzie, I am a friend of your grandma Carmel. I could relate your blog to our life years ago when we were in high school.

    You truly have quite a gift with writing. You tell quite a story. Very impressive!

    Julie Brzezinski

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Julie! I’m happy you enjoy reading! 🙂


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