Life at the Manor

When I close my eyes I’m immediately taken back. To the winding halls, the tall wooden doors, the many staircases and the mile long driveway. I’m taken back to the little town 3 miles away and the market on Saturday’s.

Studying abroad is probably the best experience you could ever give yourself. I am so lucky I got to study abroad at a manor!



Waking up on the weekdays to get to my 8am class was probably my least favorite part. The manor was still magical. Getting to spend time in the gardens after classes, and going on runs down the mile long driveway lined with yellow flowers.

The other day I was just thinking how I even missed the pheasants calling out in the morning, and those two pigeons that snuck into the bathroom one morning and sat on the shower doors.


I miss the view above, from the bench I sat at when I needed a quiet moment for myself. Living in a castle really feels like a dream and you have to step back and really take it in, just in case you wake up back home again.







They have a virtual tour of the manor, so if you’re wondering about it come check it out 


Do you have a place that you miss a lot? Or that you can remember so well? I’d love to know about it in the comments! Make sure to follow me on:






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  1. The manor looks SO beautiful! I’m so glad for you that you got to experience this!


  2. Izzy K says:

    This is honestly such a beautiful place, you must have loved it there!

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  3. Omgggg I had no idea this is what the inside looked like! It must have felt SO magical living here! How dreaaaamy is England in general though! Great post Kenzie! x


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    1. It was so nice!! I’m still not sure I was even there??


  4. Anna G says:

    This is such a beautiful place it’s giving me all the Reign vibes lol (thank you for telling me about that show, I’m obsessed). Missing places is the worst but at least we have the memories and can always remember how it felt like to be there, for me, it’s London and Amsterdam. I loved both places so much and I’d love to study abroad or live abroad at some point. Maybe when I finish uni!
    Anna x |


    1. YESS reign vibes! I can’t wait until I can go back! I hope you get to go abroad soon!


  5. What a beautiful place! I often wish all universities were in old majestic buildings like that. I studied abroad for a year too, I went to Trinity College Dublin and I loved walking around the beautiful buildings 🙂


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