Christmas Wishlist 2016

Hello everyone. It’s finally December! Can you believe it? A lot of bloggers do “Blogmas” posting everyday this month, but with final exams looming in my near future (they start December 14th), I’m sticking to my Wednesday/Saturday postings. This Christmas wishlist has been one difficult list to come up with, since I’ll be abroad for four months, I really didn’t need anything other than money. 
But here are a few things that made the list anyway!
1. Love Your Melon Beanie: 
Currently, the ones that I want are SOLD OUT! but hopefully they will go back in stock soon! I would love the speckled gray or blue or coral colored ones.  They’re all so lovely! They also always get new colors in, so my preferences change every time!  And the company donates to pediatric cancer, which is an amazing cause! 
2.Car Scent portables. Practical I know. But it is so nice getting into your car and smelling nice smells. 

Car Scents
(These are from bath&body)
3. Lush. Bathbombs are always on my list, and I love them! Lush has new Christmas ones and I would love to try them out! 
4. Ornament. I saw this ornament while scrolling through World Market (one of my fave stores) and thought it was so cute! 

5. Elephant Pants. I have wanted pants with elephants on them for so long. Maybe one day I’ll get myself a pair. 
Pants with Elephants
Aside from wanting shortbread cookies and tea, that’s pretty much all of my Christmas Wishlist for this year. I’m going abroad, and I honestly generally do not need anything. I’m really lucky. 
I hope you enjoyed this post! Only a few more days until Christmas and I can hardly wait! I haven’t done much shopping yet, but have a day set aside where I can go and get it all done! 
What is on your wishlist this year? Anything exciting? 
Have a great December! 

You can read last years Wishlist right here! 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cristina SF says:

    That bear bathbomb looks adorable. I should check out Lush more often, I always love how the store smells like.


  2. Vanessa-Ann says:

    So jealous of you going away and good luck on your finals!! How cute is that lush bath bomb though omg they always out do themselves every year, they'll definitely be on my christmas list for sure.


  3. Kenzie K says:

    I love Lush, but don't live near one to frequent it (which is probably best for my wallet 😉 ) Thanks for reading x


  4. Kenzie K says:

    Thank you for reading! 🙂 x


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