Celebrating the Future

We all have them throughout our life. We get our first tooth, ride our first bike, have our first birthday party with friends. While I have already hit milestones of getting my driver’s license,getting into college and turning the big Twenty-One last year, there are still many more to come.
When Paperless Post approached me, asking me to browse their site and describe my “dream” party, I was extremely excited. I wouldn’t say that there is one birthday that I’m looking forward to, but there is something that has never happened for my birthday that I have always wanted to tick off my “this happened” list.
A Surprise Party

While I can’t really plan my own party, I did think of a few things that would make the perfect party.
What’s a perfect party without invitations? Last Christmas, I bought shiny golden wrapping paper and ever since then, I’ve kind of fallen in love with it. Gold, pink and mint green would make for a fun theme color. Browsing the Paperless post website, it was extremely easy to find a few favorite cards. (they’re all at great prices and not only for birthday invites, but also holidays and other special events as well!). You can also create your own if you want to get a little creative. 

Paperless post

While we can talk invites all day, let’s dip our toes into decorations and party snacks (my favorite!) I love Macarons, and can’t have my birthday party without my favorite treat! If I were to pick my party time, I would have to go for summer so that I could also snack on watermelon throughout the day! 
Obviously nothing says party without some party drinks as well! If we’re talking Summer bashes then, strawberry lemonade, cranberry juice, or just water infused with lemon! 
Summer Drink
In all honesty, I could keep going on and on about what my ideal party would be. While the party would be absolutely perfect to just enjoy the time outside in the perfect summer weather, it wouldn’t be complete without my favorite dish, Walnut crusted salmon, and the Angel Food cake that my grandma makes. While I may never have a surprise party, it’s still nice to plan and while I love writing letters, I can’t leave out those cute thank you notes either. 
After delving in food, picking the perfect stationary, and hanging the directions, relaxing by the fire underneath the stars is another perfect end to my favorite summer nights. 
Q. What is your favorite birthday memory? Do you have a favorite food that only makes an appearance on your special day? If you could have any celebrity at your party, who would it be? What would your dream party be like?  
I hope you’re all having a great week so far! (after writing about a summer party I’m definitely ready for the cold weather to be done with!) 
(this is a collaborative post!) 

10 Comments Add yours

  1. taislany says:

    Great read doll!

    Hope you’re having an amazing Saturday! Kisses,


  2. Kenzie K says:

    Thanks for reading! x


  3. Cristina SF says:

    My favorite part of parties are snacks too 😉 both preparing and eating them too!



  4. Little Girl says:

    Amazing post! I'm following you, I hope you will follow back ♥ http://everythinggirlneedstoknow.blogspot.ba/


  5. Kenzie K says:

    And you can eat them while you prepare them 😉


  6. Kenzie K says:

    Thanks for reading! x


  7. Les Eve says:

    Love it all Kenzie! All the details are incredible!



  8. Laur Caud says:

    I love using jars from drinks, I think cocktails would look amazing in jars *_*

    Such a lovely post! I don't really remember any parties but my last birthday party was when I was turning 8 or 9 and it was the last birthday party I had before my mum passed away so that one was quite important to me, in regards to food that same party my grandma made an AMAZING cake, im not a cake fan but this was incredible and still to this day i crave it! But my grand,a cant remember what bloomin cake recipe she used

    And i'd probably have Tom Hardy at my party… because he is the love of my life obv. haha



  9. Kenzie K says:

    haha omg that sounds like such a great party, and such a lovely memory of your mum. Maybe your grandma wrote it down somewhere!
    Ofc 😉
    x Thanks for reading!!


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