Summer Nights

It’s the first of August already? What?!  This Summer (like all summers) is going by so quickly! I decided while I had a bit of time to show off my newest JawBreaking purchase as well as a new plaid jacket I bought from a secondhand store!

Jawbreaking, plaid
You can find the shirt at this link right here! 
I love having new clothes for the Summer and into the Fall. I haven’t owned any plaid for quite some time, I feel like it went out of style a bit and now it’s back! 
Hope you all like this post! 
Thanks for reading! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anna G says:

    Love this outfit, it looks great! I only own a black and white plaid but I've wanted to get a red one and a blue-green one for ages haha Also I love the shirt you're wearing and not just because Ashton Irwin has it hahah


  2. Kenzie K says:

    Thanks! currently, I only have a red and white one! But I'm sure more will be added to my collection! 🙂 x


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