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If you’ve been reading for awhile, you would know that in June I traveled to the Mall Of America and stopped (for the very first time) at LUSH. You can read that post here.  Right now, I’ve used only three of the bath bombs and a fourth of one of the bubble bars.
  If you have never been to LUSH or never even heard of it, I suggest you check it out! I first heard about LUSH from Tanya Burr (you and watch her videos here).
 When I went to LUSH I was really excited. I had heard great things about their products and I was extremely eager to try them out for myself!

 The first thing I tried was the Bath Bomb called Butterball. At US stores, the Butterball bath bomb is $4.95. It’s small in size but gives off an amazing smell. It doesn’t change your bath water different colors as other bombs do but it’ll give you a really nice smooth feeling once you get out of the bath! If you like vanilla-scented things then I definitely suggest this guy! It also made my dry feet really smooth, I was very pleased!

(Butterball bath bomb)(source)

 The second Bath Bomb that I decided to test out was the Secret Garden Bath Bomb. In US stores, it comes in at $5.45. This little green bath bomb was really fun to set in the tub and watch it work it’s magic. My bath turned green first, then the pink flower started mixing in with it. This bomb still made my skin feel really nice and it gave off a floral scent. There were a few hidden flower petals inside it, which I wasn’t expecting and found the small brown flakes in my bath a little strange.

(Secret Garden Bath Bomb) (picture source)
The third Bath Bomb I decided to try, was one of the bigger ones. As Secret Garden and Butterball both came smaller, I thought it would be fun to try out Fizzbanger. I’ve been trying to be biased about these but Fizzbanger might have been one of my favorites! At the US stores it’s purchased at $5.95. It gives off an amazing Apple-Cinnamon smell and yes it does change the water color as well! Inside the Fizzbanger Bath Bomb is supposed to be a little piece of paper that says BANG! but I only found a blank piece of paper but I wasn’t that disappointed as the crackling candy pieces were just as fun! 
Fizzbanger bath bomb(source

So far I’ve only tried these three. I still have yet to use the two bubble bars and the Avobath Bath bomb! I will definitely let you guys know what I think of them when I try them out! 
I hope you enjoyed this review! I haven’t really done one before, but it was nice to try it out. 
What are your favorite LUSH products? 

15 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    I always love seeing what the bath bombs look like after they've melted in the bath 🙂


  2. Kenzie K says:

    Thank you! I've got more to try so I'm really excited! :)xx


  3. Kenzie K says:

    Me too! It's so much fun! Thanks for commenting!!


  4. Khadija says:

    I love the lush bath bombs! You've chosen some great ones
    I want to try out the secret garden bath bomb xx

    Beauté Within | Brittish Beauty Blog


  5. Jenny Sanlon says:

    I love trying things from Lush but I always feel bad using them – they're just too pretty!
    You've picked such lovely things especially the secret garden bath bomb 🙂 x


  6. Aren't Lush products just the best? I don't think you can ever go wrong with them! 🙂


  7. Kenzie K says:

    Yes!!! I'm so obsessed! It's so hard to not buy everything in the store!


  8. Auntie Sandy says:

    I can not believe I have never been in this store….


  9. Helena says:

    Hi! I nominated you for The Liebster Award. Check it out on my blog 🙂


  10. I've actually never tried their products but thanks for review! will be heading down there soon x

    Jennos Health.


  11. cutie03xx says:

    Oh my gosh I absolutely love Lush! It's quite funny because I used to hate it because I couldn't bear the smell of it but one day I worked up the courage to go in and see what the hype was all about and it was the best decision I ever made! I actually did quite a recent review on the 'Grease Lightning Spot Treatment' on my blog!


  12. Kenzie K says:

    Ah you must! It's a bit overwhelming at first but I think you'll have fun! Can't wait to hear about what you pick out! 🙂


  13. Kenzie K says:

    I feel like if it were closer for me to get to I would probably hardly go in either, but luckily it's not! Thanks for the lovely comment!! 🙂 xx


  14. Treena says:

    I just got the Lush R&B Hair product to tame the frizz of my curly locks. It does help the frizz, but I really like about the hair cream is the smell. It is extra delicious, and I get glimpses of the fragrance throughout the day.


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