A Day Out

  A few days ago, my dad brought up the idea to go to a Flea Market on the outskirts of town. 
If you don’t know what a Flea Market is, you might call it something else, but it’s set up outside and people, vendors, bring things that they want to sell to hopeful buyers. Flea Markets are also pretty inexpensive, and every now and then someone makes a rare find. It’s actually really neat. You can see people from different towns and the vendors bring some things they’ve either made or have no more use for. We brought along Sadie since it was almost eighty degrees outside! That’s really nice and warm for around here, definitely summertime weather.  
 Happy to be outside, we had a look around. Of course, I took pictures! 

Here are just a few of the things the vendors had out for everyone to look at!

A nice old saddle. Kind of makes me want to go for a horseback ride. 

There were also a few stands selling jams and old books! 

Here we have old axes and pans and other silverware. 

These things were really cool! All made from spoons and a few forks. There were candle holders to yard decor. Kind of makes me wish I was that artistic. 

Ha, I also found this birdbath, like I mentioned, you never know what you’ll actually find at a Flea Market. 
After wandering through, we piled into the car and grabbed some Icecream. It was a lovely ending to a really nice day! 
I hope all of you are having nice weather! Thanks for reading, I really do appreciate and love you for it. I love you ten times more when you comment! 🙂 x
See you next time! 


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